Day: April 13, 2014

Reblog: Learning more about passive aggressive behaviours.

This is a good summary of Passive-Aggressive Behaviors and how to react in a healthy way – for your own peace of mind. I resonate especially with the suggestion not to be overly sensitive and jump to conclusions. Read More

Sexual Tension

Remembering David with realism… is depressing. I was so happy when he was charming me. I didn’t have a clue of what was coming. I thought we would be together forever, the happiest couple on Earth. I still think it, and he hasn’t seen me in six months. But, don’t worry. I’m starting therapy on Read More

Bircat HaMazon, Part Two

I didn’t tell the whole story of the diner. I wrote the part of the day that was beautiful and I omitted the part that made me uncomfortable. sigh… Here’s the missing memory: After David and I were seated in the restaurant and I had ordered coffee (which did not come right away), we looked Read More

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