Day: April 9, 2014

Reblog: The PTSD Storm.

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The PTSD Episode

I feel that this is the saddest post of all. David wanted to go to the grocery store in Toronto. He wore his leather Vin Deisel coat that his good friend, Josef, had given him because David had returned from Israel without any winter clothes. In that coat, my David looked so sexy. Rrowr. He Read More

The Parve Knife.

Remember how I wrote that David was moving to my town, Tzfat, to be closer to the hospital? And how he and Helen were planning to trade apartments? Well, his landlord in Tiveria (who actually lived in France) wouldn’t work with her shenanigans, so she found a different apartment in Tiveria; and the apartment that Read More

Ziv Hospital

After a while, David couldn’t stand the blood and the pain anymore from his abscess. I gave him grapeseed oil to keep it lubricated and that helped him a great deal, but he wanted surgery to make it stop bleeding. He packed some stuff, his movies, some undies; took his cane, and we went together Read More

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