Shabbat Salads

04Apr2014. Batya still can’t get out of bed. Her back went out yesterday morning and she has been incapacitated since. This meant that I got to prepare for Shabbat all by myself. I rode the #164 bus to the supermarket, spent $25 on fresh vegetables, dragged the bags home with no agala (shopping cart), chopped and prepared raw salads, set the table, and cleaned up after myself. Preparing my salads reminded me of David because I hadn’t had the opportunity to prepare Shabbat foods for anyone else since he left me in Israel. I made my grandfather’s garbanzo bean salad for Batya. It’s my signature dish and everyone always likes it, even my David. Once when he was rating me, he said that I make a decent Shabbat. Those weren’t his exact words. He really just sort of shrugged, but I was satisfied with that because if David rated my Shabbat table as okay, then Moshiach himself would be pleased to dine with me. He was a hard man to please, that David, when it comes to hiddur haMitzva. But I appreciated his high standards.

My Grandfather’s Garbanzo Bean Salad:

raw garbanzo beans ( I use 2 cans.)

raw onion, chopped the same size as the garbanzos

olive oil and only olive oil

salt to taste

tons of ground black pepper

Most people won’t eat raw onions, black pepper, and oil; but it’s so yummy. It is such a simple salad to be so good. Here’s a picture: Shabbat Shalom, people!