Coping Skills – Art

  I painted rocks in art therapy. Mine reads “adventurous”. My therapist said that craft projects, knitting, coloring, listening to music, and watching funny videos on YouTube – are all excellent Coping Skills, ways to relieve stress and detox from daily life. All these years, people have been calling me immature and selfish for coloring. Now I know the truth! Have a beautiful day, and DO SOMETHING SILLY FOR YOURSELF. xoxo, Rivka Please share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share (more…)
If you’ve ever felt frustrated by an abuser who always seems to escape justice & karma: Imagine (if you can) waking up every morning with an overwhelming boredom that plagues your every waking thought. Imagine never being able to enjoy any form of consistency or happiness because of that nagging boredom. Imagine looking at your “friends” and “loved ones” and seeing nothing more than objects to use at your disposal—jesters for your daily entertainment. Imagine feeling no connection whatsoever to those people, beyond what they can offer you in this particular moment. Imagine being unable to feel love, vulnerability, trust, and (more…)

Narcissists -3. Rivka -1.

This has been a very stressful week. My roommate is going thru drug withdrawal. For three hours she sobs and then for three hours she is angry and yelling. Three hours sobbing, three hours yelling – going on a week now. This is such a bad place for me to live. She got me to come live with her by telling me, “We can live like sisters, grow together in Torah, keep kosher together, keep Shabbes together, and be a family for each other.” It turns out she needed $1200 to get her car fixed and looked at me as her (more…)

Electric Shaver.

Take Our Poll After David came to live with me in my dira in Tzfat, he needed a shave and a hair cut. (Two bits.) He was looking pretty scruffy after the hospital, the move, and the suicides. He had an electric shaver to keep his haircut neat, but my Israeli bathroom did not have any electrical outlets. There was, however, a full length mirror on the wall between the bathroom and his ‘bat cave’. So he plugged the shaver into an outlet in his room, but stood in the diningroom to do the cutting. It was okay because the floor (more…)

Praying For Love.

As I was waiting for the bus today, I used my time to pray for David. I do this nearly every day, and this is my current prayer: Abba, na, let David find his zivug, marry her, live happily ever after, and have plump babies. There are several things that are really extraordinary about this short prayer. 1. I used to bawl my eyes out for no less than three hours straight every time I tried to make this request. Now I can finally ask it without crying at all. I feel happy when I imagine David being in real love. (more…)

Announcing New Format.

Cue the fireworks. Shoot the confetti. I discovered sidebars, widgets, and themes! Dear readers, Please, please, PLEASE… rate my posts. It is such an adrenaline rush when someone finds my blog amongst the other 86 billion blogs out there… and reads it! Who Knew?! One of my goals when I began blogging was to connect with other survivors of abuse and recover together as a community. I love it that that dream has become a reality so quickly. You guys, you other bloggers, are so helpful to me. I feel all warm and fuzzy from you guys. Please share this:Click to (more…)

I want to be attracted to healthy.

At least 15 years ago, I had this Lucid Dream while I was awake: I was walking down a long hallway in a house. The walls were painted a pale yellow and the flooring was a dark wood. All along the hallway at eye level, were framed  8×10 color photographs of every man who I had ever had a relationship with. I was walking by slowly and smiling at the memory of each love affair. I felt they were all good men and I still felt fondly about each of them. When I got to the last photograph, I looked across (more…)