Month: April 2014

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Narcissists -3. Rivka -1.

This has been a very stressful week. My roommate is going thru drug withdrawal. For three hours she sobs and then for three hours she is angry and yelling. Three hours sobbing, three hours yelling – going on a week now. This is such a bad place for me to live. She got me to Read More

Electric Shaver.

After David came to live with me in my dira in Tzfat, he needed a shave and a hair cut. (Two bits.) He was looking pretty scruffy after the hospital, the move, and the suicides. He had an electric shaver to keep his haircut neat, but my Israeli bathroom did not have any electrical outlets. Read More

Praying For Love.

As I was waiting for the bus today, I used my time to pray for David. I do this nearly every day, and this is my current prayer: Abba, na, let David find his zivug, marry her, live happily ever after, and have plump babies. There are several things that are really extraordinary about this Read More

Announcing New Format.

Cue the fireworks. Shoot the confetti. I discovered sidebars, widgets, and themes! Dear readers, Please, please, PLEASE… rate my posts. It is such an adrenaline rush when someone finds my blog amongst the other 86 billion blogs out there… and reads it! Who Knew?! One of my goals when I began blogging was to connect Read More

I want to be attracted to healthy.

At least 15 years ago, I had this Lucid Dream while I was awake: I was walking down a long hallway in a house. The walls were painted a pale yellow and the flooring was a dark wood. All along the hallway at eye level, were framed  8×10 color photographs of every man who I Read More

The First Touch.

Disclaimer: This post contains sexual content and strong language. Do not read if you are under 18 years old or sensitive. If you read my home page, I wrote that one of my goals for this blog was to grieve the loss of my zivug by recording all of my memories. One evening, David and Read More

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